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i am pro-facebook

by on Aug.15, 2009, under blog

Facebook 3.0 for iPhone

Facebook 3.0 for iPhone

Ok, let’s be honest: I love me some Facebook. Hard. Who fuckin doesn’t? It’s an instant way for me to create and stay in touch with all of my circles of friends. In my immediate circle I have family. (At this point, my sisters, my niece, most of my extended family, and my frakkin’ MOM has an account.) In the circles beyond that, I have my close friends, other “friends”, “acquaintances”, “fans”, “strangers and spam”. Facebook provides me methods of communicating with any number of these circles at any time. And in the most personal or impersonal ways possible.

If you do NOT have an account, you have decided to take a social stance against being awesome. Seriously, the arguments as to why you DON’T have a Facebook account are weak at best.  (continue reading…)

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