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My Mom’s Puppy Diary #1

by on Oct.30, 2009, under blog, family, memory lane

Lil Oscar - The Newest Newberry

Lil Oscar - The Newest Newberry

So my parents got a new puppy. I’m guessing it’s to replace the happiness in their lives that only a youngest son can give.  But from reading some of my mom’s “puppy diary” comments, lil Oscar (Unfortunately, they decided not to go with any names the rest of the family came up with!  I wanted VOLDEMORT or GAIUS BALTER!) is giving them a run for their money! But like all good little puppies, he’s also breaking their hearts with cuteness.  He totally reminds me of my first dog, Pepper Salt Newberry.  Here’s what my mom has been saying…  (continue reading…)

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The Real Cool Club – Halloween Episode

by on Oct.28, 2009, under blog, improv, the real cool club

The Real Cool Club - Halloween Spooktacular

The Real Cool Club - Halloween Spooktacular

Here it is! Our wonderful The Real Cool Club Halloween Spooktacular episode.  We had an absolute BLAST putting it together and performing for you and dawning the amazing make-up by the talented, Lindsay Ashley.  Some highlights:  Zombie Billy Mays, Harley Quinn (Arkham Asylum version), Balloon Boy gets reamed, we talk Hulu & Netflix, debut our Paranormal Activity spoof, we act out your favorite ghost stories and Halloween scenes, and finally end with a fully choreographed dance number with the help of the crew from!

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the new A-Team gets my approval

by on Oct.25, 2009, under are you serious, blog

The New A-Team

The New A-Team

So here it is.  The first production photo of the cast of The New A-Team.  I was extremely skeptical upon hearing that one of my favorite tv shows as a kid was being made into a movie and NOT using the original actors (Mr. T!? COME ON!).  But after seeing this photo, I’m soupy at the thought at how good this movie could potentially be.  We have Bradley Cooper as Face, Rampage Jackson as B.A. Baracus (the only questionable casting IMO), Sharlto Copely as Murdock, and mother f’n LIAM NEESON as Hannibal.  Sooo much potential I can grope it.  What are YOUR thoughts?!

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the results of the kitty porn photo shoot

by on Oct.25, 2009, under art, blog, photography

My improv team that I play with every week at iOWest, Kitty Porn, recently did a photoshoot. I had a concept on how I wanted the photos to look and was amped to add some new work to my portfolio, both photographic and graphic design wise. The following are the results. They make me hard.

iOWest's Mainstage Harold Team, "Kitty Porn"

iOWest's Mainstage Harold Team, "Kitty Porn"

The photographs utilized a technique called, “HDRI”, or High Dynamic Range Imaging.  I’ve messed with it before, but never to this extent.  I wanted to avoid the need to shoot 3+ photographs at a time so I opted to take one well lit still of each individual team member and rely on my photoshop tricks to give me a similar effect.

Chad Ethan JeffK JeffP Julia Lindsay Steve tom

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holy poopypants: my review of paranormal activity

by on Oct.22, 2009, under blog, movies, reviews

Paranormal Activity offers up the scares-ish.

Paranormal Activity offers up the scares-ish.

This marks the first time I have ever seen a movie alone in the movie theaters.  I believe there were two reasons for this: 1) Nobody wanted to see this scary movie  and 2) I secretly didn’t want anybody to join me so I could get the full “scare” effect I had been hearing about.  Afterall, Paranormal Activity has been called “The scariest movie of all time”.  Those are some serious shoes to fill, people.

Let me preface this review by saying that I LOVE scary movies. I love movies that keep me in suspense, set me up for surprises and scares, and downright give me chills.  I love movies that convert me to Señor Poopypants.  This movie did not fall short of fulfilling every one of those criteria.  Yup, messy.  However, the movie is not without it’s faults, well, one fault in particular.  The problem is that this one fault nearly ruined the entire experience for me.

The studio ending of Paranormal Activity sucked. Hard.

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