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me can has make artz

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Here are some examples of some recent pieces I made for family members for the holidays. The first piece is titled “Sweet Dreams” and was for my brother and sister-in-law.  It features their brand new baby, Clinton Andrew Newberry, born July 9th, 2009.

"Sweet Dreams" by Ethan Newberry

There are 2 more after the jump…  (continue reading…)

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merry christmas, LA. I hate you.

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Well, the video above about sums it up. I hate Christmas in LA.  As a result, I wrote and produced this song (with some audio help from my good friend, Blake Lewis).  I am giving you the video above (which debuted on THIS episode of The Real Cool Club).

I am not asking for money for the song, but a lil tip to The Real Cool Club’s “Canon 7D Fund” doesn’t hurt.  Our goal is to raise $2000 to buy ourselves a Canon 7D so we can film sketches and bits for the show.  We are at $1100 right now and so close to meeting our goal!  Just click HERE to drop us ANY amount you like – big or small.

Thanks and enjoy the music! Also, spread some of the joy to your friends. Everyone loves a good Christmas jingle, even if it’s about the crap-stain city, Los Angeles.  BONUS: I also included the Frosty Jingle Jam for your listening pleasure.


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Christmas List #1: For my rich friends bleeding cash

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It was bound to happen, me making a Christmas list.  People have been bugging me for one for a few weeks now so instead of giving them one drab lil list of bogus items I don’t want or need cause they fit into a price category, I’m going balls out and providing you with TWO lists.  Today’s list will be all the items that are on the “HOLY JESUS, THANKS FOR BEING BORN AND FOR BEING RICH” list. No-holds barred.

10) 250G PS3 BUNDLE — $299-$399

The PS3 Uncharted 2 Bundle

The PS3 Uncharted 2 Bundle

This is the cheapest item on my “RICH” list. It’s also the one that can steal the most of my time. I have an Xbox 360 and love the shit out of it. But there’s this competing system that has a bevy of amazing games I’d love to sink my teeth into. Uncharted 2 – The SpikeTV video game of the year – is up on the top of that list. Coming out next year, Gran Turismo 5 is also up there. So why not, it’s currently out of my price-range so it’s made the “rich guy” list. Maybe I have a sugar momma out there somewhere.

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For Your Consideration: The 2010 Streamy Awards

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Neil Patrick Harris wins a Streamy Award 2009!

So The Real Cool Club just wrapped our first season and we couldn’t be more excstatic.  We feel we’ve really pushed the live streaming medium to new heights and limits.  Just looking back, we’ve managed to incorporate LIVE green screen, we did a LIVE interactive murder mystery (Thanks Sandeep!), we constantly engage our interactive audiences with challenges and opportunities to work themselves into the show, we did an 80’s sitcom callback episode, drag episode, celebrity guests and so much more.  This was just the first season, people!

Now here’s what we’d love: to win a Streamy Award.  The Real Cool Club fits into nearly every category that they are listing this year, and we truly feel that with a zero dollar budget we’ve managed to do more than anyone else out there.  We have a lot to be proud about.  But we’d love some of your help to win an award to bring back to our mantles at the end of the day.  It wouldn’t be just The Real Cool Club’s award, it would be OUR award – you included.  Obviously the show would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for our fantastic live viewers and fans.  We love you.

Vote For The Real Cool Club for every Streamy possible!

Click here to vote for THE REAL COOL CLUB at

So here’s the deal, nominations have begun on the Streamy Awards website (Http:// and we’d be honored if you would jump over and vote for The Real Cool Club in as many categories as you see fit.  The best part is that you can vote once a day in every category, so keep doing it up until the deadline of January 15th!  Okay, here are some categories we’d love to win:

  • “Best Hosted Web Series”
  • “Best Comedy Web Series”
  • “Best Live Production in a Web Series”
  • “Best Interactive Experience in a Web Series”
  • “Best NEW Web Series”
  • “Best Branded Entertainment Web Series”
  • “Best Experimental Web Series”
  • “Best Web Series Host — Ethan Newberry”
  • “Best Art Director — Ethan Newberry”
  • “Best Celebrity Appearance in a Web Series — Debra Skelton, The Real Cool Club   or  Sandeep Parikh, The Real Cool Club  or  Alan Thicke, The Real Cool Club”

What do you guys say?  Want to help the lil engine that could win a big giant award? Please??  Finally, promote it on your twitter.  Include @streamyawards and @TheRealCoolClub.  This helps spread the word.  Thanks!

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It was an honor.

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The 24 Hour Streamathon crew w/ Jeff Castelaz

The 24 Hour Streamathon crew w/ Jeff Castelaz

I will remember today for a very long time.  For the last 24 hours has joined with to raise money to improve the lives of children with cancer, as well as their families.  It’s a fantastic organization that does amazing things and we were honored to help in raising the funds.  We set out with a $5,000 goal in mind.  This would average just over $200/hr.  It seemed like a lofty goal and we like it that way.  It gave us something to shoot for.  Well guess what, after 24 hours of live streaming that featured most of the hosts from programming on , celebrity drop-ins (Kevin Pereira, G4tv, and more), constant stationary bike riding by a number of individuals the entire stream, pancake throwing, tandem bike riding, a monster pizza eating robot, and more, WE DID IT. We achieved our goal, AND THEN SOME. We raised over $7,300!  This is absolutely crazy and is all testament to our loyal fans reaching deep into their pockets to help a great cause.  I am seriously humbled by the generosity that the human spirit can achieve.

Having directly been affected by cancer with my father, I know some of the effects it can have on a family.  It’s a horrible illness that when affecting a child can really take it’s toll. is such an amazing foundation and I encourage you to all look into helping them out in any way you can.  Pablo Castelaz was a boy that died from a 98% curable cancer. His father Jeff started the foundation and has since been biking across the country spreading the message and joining forces with the likes of Lance Armstrong (a personal hero of mine) and the LiveStrong organization.  I am honored to have been able to help with the streamathon, and will do anything in my power to help Pablove in the future.

Myself and Jeff Castelaz riding hard through the desert

Myself and Jeff Castelaz riding hard through the desert

Those of you who know me or have been following me for awhile, know that I ran The Seattle Rock N Roll marathon back in June, 2009 – the same month Pablo passed.  A few weeks before my marathon I asked myself why I was running 26.2 miles.  Was it for myself or perhaps there was a greater good.  Around that same time, I went to Disneyland with a friend and my life shifted. Walking amongst thousands of happy children running and screaming through the the paths of Disney, a small boy stood out.  He was in a stroller with a mask over his mouth and a respirator at his side.  His head was bald and he was not looking well.  Nothing like this image to make a grown man stop dead in his tracks.  Now I didn’t know this boy, but at that moment, something shifted inside of me. I did what I could with my video blogs leading up to the marathon to raise awareness with cancer in children because I was going to run this race for that small boy, who I never knew.  Now that I know Pablove exists and the father of a boy who’s passed from cancer is doing anything he can to stay strong and proving we can all help, I will do anything in my power to help them spread their message.

Again, I thank every single one of you who donated to over the course of our 24 streamathon.  I thank all of you who could not donate but sat up the entire time, watching and participating as best you could.  I thank all of you who spread the word on your twitters, facebooks, etc.  I thank all of you for helping us reach and greatly surpass our goal.  And I thank for helping the lives of the families of children who are constantly battling with a disease they do not deserve to suffer from.  Thank you.

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