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2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games update

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It has been a couple of days since my last update so I thought it would be a good opportunity to catch you all up to our happenings.  First of all, the video above is our Challenge #3 entry.  The video won the third challenge popular vote with an astounding 47%!  Unfortunately, the way Samsung has been judging has the public vote as a small percentage of the overall challenge vote.  Other judges from Samsung also weigh in and help choose a winner.  So for challenge #3, while the public thought our video was the best (and it clearly was), Samsung did not.  Team Cool Kids shall NEVER give up! It just means we’ll have to work that much harder next time!  However, the video that DID win was hilarious and well executed by Freddie & David (whom we love).

Samsung Mobile Explorers Challenge #3 Results

Samsung Mobile Explorers Challenge #3 Results

I’m currently working on the video entry for Challenge #4 and it is taking considerably longer than I anticipated due to unforseen computer crashes, software failures, and transcoding glitches.  These are all criteria that we just can’t take into consideration when we plan our videos out ahead of time and guage time allocation.  However, when all is said and done, this video should be damn good and feature far more production value than any of the other entries.  The challenge theme was “Freestyle” so we could do anything we wanted. And we did a lot. Just wait until tomorrow morning at 9am when the videos are posted and the voting begins.

If you haven’t seen it yet, Lindsay and myself have also been blogging and droppin photos over on our facebook (check it here) everyday.  There have been so many amazing moments while we’ve been here that it’s hard to remember them all.  In recent days, we experienced REAL korean BBQ with Samsung’s CMO/EVP David Steel; a field trip to the Salish Longhouse in Squamish; Hannah Teter’s silver medal finish in the Ladies Halfpipe finals up at Cypress; holding Hannah’s actual silver medal in my hands; the band “Stars” performance at the Orpheum; and pretty much walking every niche of this gorgeous city.  This trip has been amazing.

View of the sunset along the Sea to Sky highway

View of the sunset along the Sea to Sky highway

Yes, it has been stressful. Yes, I’m exhausted. Yes, I miss home.  But the overall experience and memories I know I’ll have for the rest of my life will be worth it.  Just walking through the streets of downtown Vancouver last night showed me just how much energy and pride Canadians have for their country and the 10s of thousands of visitors that are currently visiting.  It was by far the most people I’ve ever seen in one place at one time.  It was electric.

Ok, my renders are wrapping up so it’s back to the grind. I miss you all and will try to keep you posted on what else happens over the last stretch of this adventure.  Team Cool Kids is so close to taking this thing. None of us can give up now. We have to see this through so let’s just nut-up and win this frakkin’ competition together!  In the meantime, enjoy this secret video I made about our driver up here, Duffy. She’s a goddess.

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“Samsung Love Song” – Challenge Video #2

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Here is Challenge #2’s video.  The challenge, “Your Samsung Love Song” involved making a song that both captured the olympic energy and dealt with Samsung. We feel we were pretty much the only team to nail it (though David & Freddie KILL us with laughter everytime! They’re our besties).  We utilize the number one tool for communication, the mouth, to create every note in this video. PLEASE VOTE for Team Cool kids by heading on over to the Samsung USA facebook page, clicking the “Mobile Explorers” tab and entering the Samsung theater.  We need the votes for SURE on this one kids!

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TEAM COOL KIDS – Voting has begun!

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Okay, it’s official. VOTING HAS BEGUN in the Samsung Mobile Explorers Competition here in Vancouver during the Olympic Winter Games.  Our first challenge was to get the message out about Hannah Teter’s charity, Hannah’s Gold.  How would we do this?  Well, with tiny shots of the Hannah’s Gold Syrup from VT. that she sells on the site!  This challenge was tough.  We wanted to think of something creative and true to the Team Cool Kids spirit and humor while keeping the message intact and professional.  I think we nailed it.  As did the other teams.  The only way we’ll know is if you go to and vote (I have a preference for Team Cool Kids).  In the meantime, challenge #2 is under way. We have to create an original song for Valentines Day about Samsung. This is gonna be good…Stay tuned for that!

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we’ll sleep in march – MoEx Day 3

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Ethan & Lindsay at the Inukshuk!

Ethan & Lindsay at the Inukshuk!

Here we sit in the heart of Vancouver.  We’ve found a small cafe with delicious soup and espresso to keep us chugging along.  The day isn’t even halfway through, and already we’ve been thrown into a wirlwind of experiences that words cannot do justice.

We woke up early once again after hitting the hay at the wee hours of the morning.  After spending the night editing, blogging and posting photos following an evening spent on the karaoke stage.  Upon finishing breakfast we met up with our fellow Samsung Mobile Explorers, all bleary eyed from the night before and received our first challenge.

This first challenge is going to span two days, and started at the OR@S (Olympic Rendezvous @ Samsung in David Lam Park) where we were interviewed by media outlets and were lucky enough to meet the lovely Olympic Gold Medalist, Samsung Olympic ambassador and  philanthropist, Hannah Teter.  She was absolutely lovely, and we so wish we would have had more time with her, but c’est la vie, she is a very popular lady these days.  Our challenge revolves around her and her charity Hannah’s Gold (, and we can only hope we can do both aspects justice.  We’re certainly going to try our very hardest.  Believe me, we definitely have some tricks up our collective sleeves.  Be sure to hit at 9:00 PM PST tomorrow (February 13, 2010) to check out Team Cool Kids finished video and vote!

Team Cool Kids compete in the Samsung Mobile Explorer Challenge

Just a couple of Knuckleheads!

For now, the day will chug along now that we’ve filled our very needy bellies.  We will continue to explore all that Vancouver and the 2010 Winter Olympic Games have to offer including the opportunity to watch the opening ceremonies at the USA Olympic house.  Revelry and good times are sure to be had there before returning to the hotel for more hard work.

We also just saw the news from this morning regarding the Olympic Luger from the country of Georgia. Our hearts go out to his fellow teammates, family and country.  It certainly is a dark cloud on the opening day of such a wonderful global event.  We can only hope that this tragic event can bring our world nations closer together in unity. May he rest in peace.

We’re running on little to no sleep, but we hardly notice.  There is so much excitement and amazing opportunities everywhere here in Vancouver.  For now, we hardly have the time to bat an eyelash with so much to do, but we look forward to finally getting the chance to get some sleep… March.  Team Cool Kids FTW!

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Just Around The Riverbend – MoEx Day 1

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These infamous words spoken by our beloved Disney princess, Pocahontas, seem to be pertinent to Team Cool Kid’s upcoming adventure with Samsung as Mobile Explorers in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Life has been pretty hectic and exciting the last few weeks, what with amazing “Real Cool Club” episodes, crazy shooting schedules, and this amazing competition. That was until last night when it all sank in.

I’m scared. Scared of the competition. Scared of what Samsung has in store for us. Scared of travelling to a city I should know better than I do. Scared of seeing what Lindsay’s REALLY like at 5am. Scared of failure.

That’s the biggy and one that plagues us all. It’s fear that controls peoples determination and actions in life. If I let fear control me, I wouldn’t be living in LA, wouldn’t have created The Real Cool Club, wouldn’t be sitting in LAX right now about to board a flight to Vancouver for the Winter Olympics.

I now realize that I cannot predict the outcome of this competition. I cannot know how my life will change over the next 20 days. I cannot forsee anything past this very moment. I can only sit back, have fun and be excited to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Stay tuned to find out what lies “Just Around The Riverbend”.

I can’t believe I quoted Pocahontas for my blog. Yeah I want to punch my face too.

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