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100 Names for Justin Bieber

by on Apr.28, 2010, under are you serious, blog, daily fun, funny videos, improv, sketch, wednesday hump

So, what do you do on a lazy Wednesday? You create something you think will fail but turns out to give you more joy than it should. I encourage you to come up with 100 names for ANYTHING, let alone a teen pop sensation.  Now that I’ve created some names, let’s here some of your favorites? What about some of YOUR names for Justin Bieber?

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Hitler Reacts To The iPhone 4 – Now with video!

by on Apr.20, 2010, under are you serious, blog, daily fun, funny videos, improv, sketch, technology, the real cool club, tuesday trailers

Hitler Reacts to the iPhone 4 -- a new Dubgasm

Hitler Reacts to the iPhone 4

So after a little copyright snaffu this morning, we are back up and running. Here is the official “Hitler Reacts to the iPhone 4” Dubgasm video!  Click the image and watch to your hearts content. You know what would be even better? You spreading it on your twitter and facebooks.  Even better than that??  Leave the video sitting on a bar stool at a German bar in Redwood, CA. KThnxBai!

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Also, in case you missed it, I uploaded a couple of other Dubgasms for your enjoyment.  Both the Ton Legacy spoof and the series of three 80’s commercials I redubbed.  Enjoy, you little pill-poppers, you!

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The iPhone 4 (aka “Fuck My Wallet”)

by on Apr.19, 2010, under are you serious, blog, technology

Gizmodo uncovers the iPhone 4

Gizmodo finds the iPhone 4

The iPad can suck my wiener.  I hoped a new iphone was coming out, and this looks like the proof.  This knowledge outweighs any interest I have in joining the uberdouche iPad brigade (Seriously. If I see you with an iPad, I will probably hate you — well, maybe after I steal and play with your iPad for 20 minutes).  Forward camera?  The new iPhone 4.0 OS?  Micro-SIM?  A better rear camera with flash?  Higher resolution screen?  Yup, sign me up.  Is this a publicity stunt?  Will the guy mentioned in the article get ousted at work for the rest of time because he was an idiot who left the phone in a bar?

UPDATE: Gray Powell. That’s the dude that supposedly left the iphone 4 at the bar.  Poor guy just got outed all over the friggin internet.  He’s the new “George W. Bush” as far as fails are concerned.  You can read more of the article over at Gizmodo again, because they seem to be the ones that are posting all the juice.  I am now predicting major publicity stunt – a very successfully played publicity stunt.  I do see this as being a very similar clone to the new iPhone at the very least.  Hell, Apple surely couldn’t take a step BACKWARDS from this!

UPDATE 2.0: Apple has asked for their phone back.

Read the article and feel free to rag on my for succumbing to corporate marketing mumbo-jumbo, much like the iPad-ers.  [GIZMODO]

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This is gorgeous.

by on Apr.15, 2010, under art, blog, music, technology

If you’re like me and love film, love special effects, love music, and love storytelling, then watch “Nuit Blanche”. It’s all of it. And it’s extremely well executed.  As a motionographer, I marvel at their stellar work.  As a director, I enjoy the way the short, simple story is told in an elegant and beautiful way.  As an audience member, I am captivated for the entire three and a half minutes.  Enjoy.

The making of video is embedded below the cut. (continue reading…)

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How to properly interview Eli Manning in 60 seconds.

by on Apr.09, 2010, under are you serious, blog, charity, funny videos, improv, Mobile Explorers, team cool kids, technology, the real cool club

So you’re given an opportunity to interview Eli Manning – the quarterback of the NY Giants; one of the biggest athletes in the National Football League and Superbowl MVP/winner.   What do you do with that time?  Make a comedy bit, of course!  Here is our video that we made with Eli, who was an awesome sport and was totally down for the bit.  He was extremely nice, personable and down-to-earth.  Thanks Eli!

Also, a BIG thanks to Samsung and the Four Seasons Of Hope organization for bringing Team Cool Kids out to NY for the event!  It was a BLAST!  Below is the video we made describing the event and what the organizations are doing for our education system.  Pretty cool stuff…

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