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The iPad can do WHAT?! Wow.

by on Jun.29, 2010, under are you serious, art, blog, technology

Kassan Paints on the iPad

This artist is indeed talented. But what compounds his talent is that he’s using a friggin’ iPad to create this piece. He also live-streamed the entire creation process which took him about 3 hours. Color me impressed (get it!?). It still doesn’t make me want an iPad, but it does make me want this guy’s creative talent. Enjoy the vid…

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A new project: “S0 & S0” logo design

by on Jun.18, 2010, under art, blog, music, work

I recently got recruited to design the logo for a kick-ass band, SO & SO, featuring my good friend Brandon Rogers and a whole slew of amazing talent.  Not only do I love their music, but I dig the aesthetic that they’re going for.  While I sit and contemplate the design, how bout you sit back and enjoy some of their music by clicking the link above. If you’re in LA, they’re playing at Molly Malone’s next Friday (June 25th).  I’ll be there.

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Bill Clinton, New York and Portal 2!

by on Jun.16, 2010, under are you serious, blog, charity, daily fun, Mobile Explorers, tuesday trailers

Team Cool Kids - pre-red carpet

While I’m in New York making a Team Cool Kids video (with my comedy partner in crime, Lindsay Harbert) for the Samsung “Four Seasons Of Hope” Charity Gala (expect the video online within the next 24 hours), E3 is happening back at home in Los Angeles.  Man, I’ve never wanted to be in two places at once more than this week.

I got to meet and see some famous celeb types tonight (Jennifer Lopez and Marc Antony, Matthew McConaughey, Boomer Esiason, Dan Marino, and BILL Frickin CLINTON!?!) and witness a truly amazing event that is doing amazing things for education and medical needs for children.  It was pretty remarkable what a group of stand-out individuals, a lot of hope, and some money can do to help our youth. Go charity, go!

Samsung Four Seasons Of Hope Gala - The Set-Up

As I’m editing our footage from the star-studded night and trying to catch-up with all the E3 news from my LA cohorts, I found this gem online and it made me miss my nerd friends back in LA who are walking the convention floor, playing games, and enjoying the sensationally over-the-top after parties.  Go have fun, you assholes.  I’m helping kids.

I haven’t seen much press on Portal 2 from E3 yet, which surprises me.  Portal is one of my favorite games and this sequel looks radgasmic.

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