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Rebecca Black – Friday (official parody “SATURDAY”)

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Yup. I did it. I made a parody of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. And I dress up like Rebecca. And I’m gorgeous. And I want you to watch it. And the song is available on iTunes HERE. If you could be so kind, please REPOST, RETWEET, SEND TO BLOGS, and EVERYTHING YOU CAN DO to help spread this vid. I’d be most gracious. Thank you, love-bugs!


*UPDATE* – Just did an interview with Inside Edition. That clip will be posted soon.  Also, a kick-ass article about the video featured on INF Daily HERE.

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Tron: Legacy – Trailer and Daft Punk Soundtrack

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Above is the much talked about second trailer for Tron: Legacy.  The concessus I’ve gathered is that people trust the visuals, but are still weary of the story.  I have two words: JEFF BRIDGES.  It’s The Dude, people! Everything will be just fine.

People have also been talking about how young Jeff Bridges doesn’t necessarily break the uncanny valley, stinks of CG, and just fails as a character.  While I understand the arguments that the technique could use some finesse (especially around the mouth with audio syncing and the skin textures being far to perfect), I am 100% able to suspend my disbelief purely because of the awesome that riddles this trailer and the hope it brings.  From the Recognizers sheer mass and the obviously fantastic art direction to the glowing suits and kick ass Light-Jet revealed at the end.  There’s no doubt that this movie will be a fun ride into a newly imagined computer world.  I’ve even heard rumors Disneyland is looking to expand their theme parks with a Tron ride!

Now as my previous article states, I’ve been stoked as hell for the soundtrack.  Once I got wind that Daft Punk was at the helm, my nerd-boner went full staff, raising a flag of pure man-glee.  We got a sneak into the sound they are creating in the first trailer and a bit in this second trailer as well.  Then today, we are able to listen to 6 tracks off the album.

My first reaction, “Oh, No.”  I am finding the sound so lackluster and generic that I fear disappointment come November when the album is released.  The tracks do nothing to tell me that Daft Punk had ANY influence in them at all.  To me, Daft Punk are the type of artists that push sound to new levels.  They bring electronic production to the mainstream while still revolutionizing the genres.  By following the link below, you too can listen to the tracks and hear for yourself.  I, for one, am having doubts about this album being nothing more than a generic partner-disc to the film.

Here is the link to the tracks: 6 Tron: Legacy Tracks by Daft Punk

My only hope is that the rest of the album fleshes out Daft Punk’s sound; that interspersed tracks feature what they are known for and the audience has been dying for.  More beats, more tempo, 8 bit, sonic walls of pure electronic bliss.  This album has the potential to reach new audiences and create an entirely new soundtrack paradigm.  By listening to these small samples, I’m believing studio execs are controlling the wrists of our electronic robot gods.  My advice to those execs, is to take your hands off and let the artists do what they do best: revolutionize the film’s soundtrack and explode our eardrums with awesome.

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Oh, Kung-Fu Bear, it was only a matter of time…

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You’re welcome internets for taking a 5 year old meme and applying it to a current viral video. I’m just surprised that I’m the first one to do it!  And yes, the lightsaber effects SUCK. Read the video’s description for my reasoning.

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