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Meet Thad and learn his Thecrets

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This is Thad. He has many Thecrets. Would you like to learn some of them?

This is my latest vid up on my main channel, TheSampler. Be sure to subscribe to the channel to get updated every time I upload!

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High School never rocked this hard.

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Holy Rage Against The Machine head-bangeing madness! Yes, I was in band in high school, but our band NEVER rocked as hard as these kids do! Keep an eye on red-shirt girl in the front. I think she just about blows some synaptic gaps with all that groovin. Hell, she probably already has a coke addiction, plays The Viper Room, and fucks groupies. Go band!

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Help my design win so I can finally feel good about myself!

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BMO Vancouver Marathon Finalist Design #3

BMO Vancouver Marathon Finalist Design

So I recently signed up for the Vancouver full marathon. I also noticed that the marathon committee was holding a T-Shirt design contest which allowed anybody to come up with the design that would be worn by 10s of thousands of runners on race day. I had to jump at the chance. The above design is one of the final 3 designs that they have chosen. If you could click the design and vote for me, that would be fantastic! Then, send it on to your friends and family and have THEM vote too! It is Design #3 on the BMO website and I would be humbly greatful for your support!

As extra credit, here are the other two designs I submitted to the contest but weren’t deemed worthy. (I personally favor Design #1 below, myself). Thanks again for your support!

BMO Vancouver Marathon Alternate Design #1

BMO Vancouver Marathon Alternate Design #1

BMO Vancouver Marathon Alternate Design #2

BMO Vancouver Marathon Alternate Design #2

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Ethan Newberry OVERLOAD!

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Did you guys here?! I DIED ON TELEVISION THIS WEEK!  Above is my clip from SpikeTV’s “1000 Ways To Die”.  Looks like the edited out all the good vomit takes (my mouth was FULL of the creative vegetable concoction) but whatever. I DIE!  My favorite comment on the SpikeTV website: “WHAT A DUMBASS!”. Enjoy.

Also this week I put together a video for the infamous Jason Horton of TotallySketch and The Station.  It also features my partner in crime, Lindsay Harbert.  If that’s not reason enough to watch it, how bout the fact I’m 90% naked in it?  Enjoy.

Finally, I haven’t been able to update about these next two vids, but Samsung brought Team Cool Kids to the WCG finals where we came up with the idea to make the WCG Theme Song into a music video.  In addition, Samsung brought us to Matthew McConaughey’s charity fall kick-off for the J.K. Livin Foundation. We got to meet and hang out with the man himself. He’s dreamy.  Enjoy.

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