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Here is the most recent Thad’s Thecrets that I posted to my main channel. It’s the HOLIDAY EDITION, “Thadsmas Thecrets”.

Do you want to celebrate THADSMAS too?? Print out some of the ornaments below and decorate your tree!! Then, post some pics of your creations and post them to my Facebook Fanpage!! I WANT TO SEE SOME THADSMAS CHEER!

Directions: Right click and Save As the images below. Print the ornaments twice. Cut them out. Paste back to back. Put on the top of the tree or on branches. Easy.



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Apache – After Effects done right

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Having been a motion graphics designer and art director for much of my adult life, I’d like to think I know good after effects work when I see it. This is GREAT after effects work. It uses a very innovative technique to achieve such a simple beautiful video. It took the artist well over a month to complete in his free time, but the results are worth it. Just fantastic.

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Holy Awesome Fight Scene! “Puppets” Will Blow Your Mind.

by on Apr.27, 2011, under are you serious, blog, daily fun, funny videos, music, sketch, tuesday trailers, video games

This is amazing on so many levels. I am STILL trying to figure out some of the shots. It’s the Inception of Puppets!!

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Depressed Doggy – latest video from TheSampler

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Sitting at home and coming up with sketches for one of the most adorable lil dogs makes for good comedy. Sir Diddimus is my roommates dog, but I like to refer to him as our little Oscar Nominee. He’s going places people. Just enjoy his sobering performance.

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Portlandia is Fantastic.

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If you get a chance, watch the entire first episode. The writing is good, the sketches are great, and the character portrayals of people from my hometown are fantastic. Thank you IFC, I haven’t been this excited for a comedy show on television since the last season of 24. Ohaachakka!

I am curious to know how people react to this show that are NOT from my region. It’ll be interesting.

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