I love everything about this.

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Joss Whedon is the shit. He is pure, unadulterated awesome. If there was a director I would trust with my first born having never met him, it would be Joss.  Joss, if you ever get around to reading this, I shall deliver this baby to your care and allow thee to do unto it as you will in exchange for a role under your finger.

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me can has make artz

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Here are some examples of some recent pieces I made for family members for the holidays. The first piece is titled “Sweet Dreams” and was for my brother and sister-in-law.  It features their brand new baby, Clinton Andrew Newberry, born July 9th, 2009.

"Sweet Dreams" by Ethan Newberry

There are 2 more after the jump…  (continue reading…)

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It was an honor.

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The 24 Hour Streamathon crew w/ Jeff Castelaz

The 24 Hour Streamathon crew w/ Jeff Castelaz

I will remember today for a very long time.  For the last 24 hours has joined with to raise money to improve the lives of children with cancer, as well as their families.  It’s a fantastic organization that does amazing things and we were honored to help in raising the funds.  We set out with a $5,000 goal in mind.  This would average just over $200/hr.  It seemed like a lofty goal and we like it that way.  It gave us something to shoot for.  Well guess what, after 24 hours of live streaming that featured most of the hosts from programming on , celebrity drop-ins (Kevin Pereira, G4tv, and more), constant stationary bike riding by a number of individuals the entire stream, pancake throwing, tandem bike riding, a monster pizza eating robot, and more, WE DID IT. We achieved our goal, AND THEN SOME. We raised over $7,300!  This is absolutely crazy and is all testament to our loyal fans reaching deep into their pockets to help a great cause.  I am seriously humbled by the generosity that the human spirit can achieve.

Having directly been affected by cancer with my father, I know some of the effects it can have on a family.  It’s a horrible illness that when affecting a child can really take it’s toll. is such an amazing foundation and I encourage you to all look into helping them out in any way you can.  Pablo Castelaz was a boy that died from a 98% curable cancer. His father Jeff started the foundation and has since been biking across the country spreading the message and joining forces with the likes of Lance Armstrong (a personal hero of mine) and the LiveStrong organization.  I am honored to have been able to help with the streamathon, and will do anything in my power to help Pablove in the future.

Myself and Jeff Castelaz riding hard through the desert

Myself and Jeff Castelaz riding hard through the desert

Those of you who know me or have been following me for awhile, know that I ran The Seattle Rock N Roll marathon back in June, 2009 – the same month Pablo passed.  A few weeks before my marathon I asked myself why I was running 26.2 miles.  Was it for myself or perhaps there was a greater good.  Around that same time, I went to Disneyland with a friend and my life shifted. Walking amongst thousands of happy children running and screaming through the the paths of Disney, a small boy stood out.  He was in a stroller with a mask over his mouth and a respirator at his side.  His head was bald and he was not looking well.  Nothing like this image to make a grown man stop dead in his tracks.  Now I didn’t know this boy, but at that moment, something shifted inside of me. I did what I could with my video blogs leading up to the marathon to raise awareness with cancer in children because I was going to run this race for that small boy, who I never knew.  Now that I know Pablove exists and the father of a boy who’s passed from cancer is doing anything he can to stay strong and proving we can all help, I will do anything in my power to help them spread their message.

Again, I thank every single one of you who donated to over the course of our 24 streamathon.  I thank all of you who could not donate but sat up the entire time, watching and participating as best you could.  I thank all of you who spread the word on your twitters, facebooks, etc.  I thank all of you for helping us reach and greatly surpass our goal.  And I thank for helping the lives of the families of children who are constantly battling with a disease they do not deserve to suffer from.  Thank you.

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mom’s puppy diary #2: feed oscar to the eagles

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Ok, so I just got this email from my mom about new lil Oscar.  I couldn’t help by laugh at my mom’s expense. The poor woman has sidelined her daily routine (gardening, bridge, sitting, and resting) to take care of this newly deemed “Demon Dog”.  Now i’m beginning to believe that she used these diaries as a way to cope with us kids growing up!  Warning: she talks a lot about dog poop in her diaries. She should work on that.   (continue reading…)

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My Mom’s Puppy Diary #1

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Lil Oscar - The Newest Newberry

Lil Oscar - The Newest Newberry

So my parents got a new puppy. I’m guessing it’s to replace the happiness in their lives that only a youngest son can give.  But from reading some of my mom’s “puppy diary” comments, lil Oscar (Unfortunately, they decided not to go with any names the rest of the family came up with!  I wanted VOLDEMORT or GAIUS BALTER!) is giving them a run for their money! But like all good little puppies, he’s also breaking their hearts with cuteness.  He totally reminds me of my first dog, Pepper Salt Newberry.  Here’s what my mom has been saying…  (continue reading…)

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