My recent trip to California’s Radgasmic Wine Country

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I love wine, I love roadtrips, and I love not having to drive on said roadtrips to wine country. With the company of friends, new and old, we ventured north to Santa Barbara County in search of the best bottle of wine.  4+ wineries later, I found a fantastic bottle from Davy Crockette’s winery, Fess Parker, called “The Big Easy”.  Can’t wait to pop the cork and drink hard earned dollars and cents!

Enjoy the video above.  I always take video on these short trips I do, but rarely put them together. This was more a challenge for myself to FINISH editing together vacation footage. But I also let it be a test of my skills within Final Cut Pro in hopes of achieving a vintage 8mm film look without the use of plugins (other than color correction).  I like the result!  The music is “All To All” by Broken Social Scene – a song we played along the journey and struck a chord with me.  Enjoy.  Now go get drunk.

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Did I just invent Ginger Fried Rice!?

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Ginger Fried Rice

Ginger Fried Rice

I’m poor. I rarely have ingredients in my fridge. I’m always hungry.  Occasionally I like to drunkenly invent new dishes.  Eggchos was invented this way.  Tonight, I invented something new: Ginger Fried Rice.  It was unbelievable.   Recipe below… (continue reading…)

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Thursday Thecrets – Dinner.

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Thursday Thecret Food

Okay. I’m sitting at home workin on a Thursday afternoon and decide to make myself some dinner grub grub.  The above was what I decided to concoct for myself.  Guesses as to what it is and the winner gets a prize.  Your choice: a custom tweet or an under-the-table BJ from an electric eel.  I’d choose the former.  GO! (answer to be revealed tomorrow)

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did I just invent eggchos!?

by on Oct.17, 2009, under are you serious, blog, food

I’m broke.  I’m starving.  The only food I have in my house are eggwhites, scraps of cheese, shitty salsa, expired sour cream, and unsalted tortilla chips.  So what do I do?  This:



AND THEY WERE FUCKIN’ AMAZING.  How in the hell have I not thought of this earlier?  I devoured these suckers quicker than a fangbanger on neck.  I plan on buying these ingredients again ON PURPOSE, people!  I JUST INVENTED EGGCHOS!

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