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Swappy Seconds – Part 2 — feat. DeStorm Power!

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Here is the much anticipated sequel to “Swappy Seconds – Part 1“.  My shorts are entirely too short and my shirt too small.  I apologize for both in advance.  A HUGE thank you to DeStorm Power for the cameo. This man works harder than any I know and is a good friend from the Samsung Mobile Explorers competition in Vancouver, BC.  Check out his vids on YouTube. Boom.

Part 3 with Freddie Wong has been filmed and is being edited. It’ll be epic. Stay tuned!

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Ethan Newberry OVERLOAD!

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Did you guys here?! I DIED ON TELEVISION THIS WEEK!  Above is my clip from SpikeTV’s “1000 Ways To Die”.  Looks like the edited out all the good vomit takes (my mouth was FULL of the creative vegetable concoction) but whatever. I DIE!  My favorite comment on the SpikeTV website: “WHAT A DUMBASS!”. Enjoy.

Also this week I put together a video for the infamous Jason Horton of TotallySketch and The Station.  It also features my partner in crime, Lindsay Harbert.  If that’s not reason enough to watch it, how bout the fact I’m 90% naked in it?  Enjoy.

Finally, I haven’t been able to update about these next two vids, but Samsung brought Team Cool Kids to the WCG finals where we came up with the idea to make the WCG Theme Song into a music video.  In addition, Samsung brought us to Matthew McConaughey’s charity fall kick-off for the J.K. Livin Foundation. We got to meet and hang out with the man himself. He’s dreamy.  Enjoy.

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Bill Clinton, New York and Portal 2!

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Team Cool Kids - pre-red carpet

While I’m in New York making a Team Cool Kids video (with my comedy partner in crime, Lindsay Harbert) for the Samsung “Four Seasons Of Hope” Charity Gala (expect the video online within the next 24 hours), E3 is happening back at home in Los Angeles.  Man, I’ve never wanted to be in two places at once more than this week.

I got to meet and see some famous celeb types tonight (Jennifer Lopez and Marc Antony, Matthew McConaughey, Boomer Esiason, Dan Marino, and BILL Frickin CLINTON!?!) and witness a truly amazing event that is doing amazing things for education and medical needs for children.  It was pretty remarkable what a group of stand-out individuals, a lot of hope, and some money can do to help our youth. Go charity, go!

Samsung Four Seasons Of Hope Gala - The Set-Up

As I’m editing our footage from the star-studded night and trying to catch-up with all the E3 news from my LA cohorts, I found this gem online and it made me miss my nerd friends back in LA who are walking the convention floor, playing games, and enjoying the sensationally over-the-top after parties.  Go have fun, you assholes.  I’m helping kids.

I haven’t seen much press on Portal 2 from E3 yet, which surprises me.  Portal is one of my favorite games and this sequel looks radgasmic.

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How to properly interview Eli Manning in 60 seconds.

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So you’re given an opportunity to interview Eli Manning – the quarterback of the NY Giants; one of the biggest athletes in the National Football League and Superbowl MVP/winner.   What do you do with that time?  Make a comedy bit, of course!  Here is our video that we made with Eli, who was an awesome sport and was totally down for the bit.  He was extremely nice, personable and down-to-earth.  Thanks Eli!

Also, a BIG thanks to Samsung and the Four Seasons Of Hope organization for bringing Team Cool Kids out to NY for the event!  It was a BLAST!  Below is the video we made describing the event and what the organizations are doing for our education system.  Pretty cool stuff…

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thank you, vancouver.

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Samsung Mobile Explorers Victory!

Well, it’s been almost 3 weeks since I have returned from the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and the Samsung Mobile Explorers Competition.  I miss it.  I miss the people, the city of Vancouver, and the excitement of the competition.  The question I have been getting the most from friends and family is, “So, how was it?”.  My responses have varied between, “Awesome”, “Unbelievable”, “Exhausting” and “How was what?”.

There really is no way to describe the feeling of witnessing history.  I would say that I experienced two sides to the Olympic Games, both very different and memorable for different reasons.  First of all, being in the center of all the action was an intense experience – one that I will remember always.  Every night seemed to be a bigger and better party than the night previous.  Whether it was stumbling in line for the Zip Line across Robson St., devouring massive amounts of food and drink at Korean BBQ and The Kobe House, weaving in and out of the crazy crowds on Granville Street during the nightly street parties, or slipping through the VIP access to the Olympics LIVE venue to see Deadmau5 tear up the turntables.  Vancouver managed to exceed my expectations on all levels and left me dying to get back in the near future.

The other side of the Olympic Games was one that I didn’t anticipate experiencing.  The side of the city that bonded together not only as a community but as a country.  We talked to hundreds of native Canadian residents from around the nation on the street over the course of our stay and every single one of them was enjoying “the spirit” of the games.  I’ve heard talk of “the spirit” and even thought I had seen it on TV during Olympics past.  But nothing prepared me for getting caught up in “the spirit” of an Olympic Games during my stay.  I thought I would be an outsider, looking in on a big party I couldn’t join.  The reality was, I was embraced as an outsider and by the end of my trip felt as much a part of the Canadian pride as Canadians themselves.

Hosting the Olympic Games in Vancouver, winning their first gold medal during a games hosted on home-turf, and the elite honor of winning the most gold medals in any winter olympic games in history bonded Canadians together.  I was a part of history just by being there.  It was quite an experience.  I have been telling people it was like watching a country bond together in the same respects the US bonded together post 9-11.  Everyone wanted to show you how much pride they had in any way they could.  It was humbling.  So now when people ask me, “So, how was it?” I can confidently say “The most amazing experience I’ve been a part of in a very long time”.  And with that, I’m off to enjoy spending my $24,000.  See you at the 2012 games in London!

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