Help my design win so I can finally feel good about myself!

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BMO Vancouver Marathon Finalist Design #3

BMO Vancouver Marathon Finalist Design

So I recently signed up for the Vancouver full marathon. I also noticed that the marathon committee was holding a T-Shirt design contest which allowed anybody to come up with the design that would be worn by 10s of thousands of runners on race day. I had to jump at the chance. The above design is one of the final 3 designs that they have chosen. If you could click the design and vote for me, that would be fantastic! Then, send it on to your friends and family and have THEM vote too! It is Design #3 on the BMO website and I would be humbly greatful for your support!

As extra credit, here are the other two designs I submitted to the contest but weren’t deemed worthy. (I personally favor Design #1 below, myself). Thanks again for your support!

BMO Vancouver Marathon Alternate Design #1

BMO Vancouver Marathon Alternate Design #1

BMO Vancouver Marathon Alternate Design #2

BMO Vancouver Marathon Alternate Design #2

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The 5th Annual Disneyland Half Marathon

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5th Annual Disneyland Half Marathon

Tomorrow morning at 6am, I will be running the Disneyland Half Marathon for the first time.  It has been just over a year since my last race (The Seattle RnR Marathon) and I’m a lil nervous.  My training hasn’t been going as smoothly as I’d hoped, my shoes are beginning to break down but I can’t afford to buy a new pair, It’s going to be hot, etc etc.  But I’m also excited because I will get to run through not only Disneyland and California Adventures but also Angels Stadium!  At the end of the race I get a big medallion, a macaroon, and a hand job from Minnie Mouse.  Can’t WAIT!

If you’d like to track me while I run (creeper) you can do so HERE.

I’ll be running with Kim, who got me my entrance into this race for my birthday last year.  Kim, you will finish faster than you can possibly imagine!  Also this weekend, my sister and nephew are running a half marathon up north back at home.  I wish both of them the best of luck.  This is my sister’s first and she’s going to kick it’s ass.  My nephew took up distance running recently and is hoping to finish in under an hour.  You read that right:  13.1 miles in UNDER A FUCKIN HOUR.  I hate him.   Good luck you two!

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