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The Ben Spies Method

The Ben Spies Method

This is a short film I made recently with my good friend and fantastic director, Rob Meltzer.  It features the amazingly talented, Ben Spies.  He’s one of the world’s best superbike champions and an all around nice, down-home, country boy.

But that’s not why this video gives me wet dreams…Yes, Ben is an amazing rider and Rob is a talented filmmaker.  But I got my jollies off simply by stepping onto the concrete of Laguna Seca raceway.  When I got the call to do this film, I nearly flipped out when they mentioned I’d be filming with Ben AND on the same race track that I’ve played in video games and watched on TV for years.  See, I’m a pretty big car buff.  Specifically modified street cars.  Yes, that classifies me as a douche.  No, i’m not asian.  What I am is a supercharged, ACT heavyduty race-clutched, Fidanza lightened flywheeled, dual sport Borla exhaust toting, Hard Dog Hardcore Double Diagonal race cage sporting, 210+ horspower, 1700lb mazda miata owning asshat.  And proud of it.

See Laguna Seca is sponsored by Mazda and often driven by miata owners/racers.  It’s always been a dream of mine to walk the track and actually see where the miata magic happens (in addition to the American Le Mans, and the Red Bull US Grand Prix).  Our cars love the curves and Laguna doesn’t disappoint.  Infamous for it’s “Corkscrew” section (turns 8 and 8A), where sharp turns combine with an extreme elevation change, Laguna Seca provides serious challenge to motorcycles and cars alike.  It’s almost as if Mazda purposefully use the track as a Miata testing grounds.  Hell, if i’m getting my balls off thinking about racing my car around this track, imagine what Mazda’s doing with their loads!

In the end, it was an absolute pleasure to be apart of this short film for Yamaha.  I didn’t realize just how big Ben Spies was until that day.  But then again, not a majority of Americans do…yet.  Let’s just say he’s bigger than a majority of American A-List actors and mobbed by fans everywhere else in the world.  He mentioned a main reason he LOVES coming back to the states (besides seeing his family) was because he can wander US streets without the slightest disturbance from fans.  This is the guy that had a dinner meeting with George Clooney the following week because they’re neighbors.  Yeah, no biggy.

The crew was rad, they treated me amazingly, and everyone kicked ass in a short amount of time.  The end product exceeds all expectations and Ben’s fans are LOVING it.  I’m just glad I got to touch the sacred Mazda Miata tarmac.  Not many enthusiasts get that chance.  I Couldn’t ask for anymore…well except for the supermodels that flock to Ben.  RAWR!

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  • naim

    hi iwas just wondering for a long time whats the song at the end of the ben spies method video? would be great to have it. thanks!