The iPhone 4 (aka “Fuck My Wallet”)

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Gizmodo uncovers the iPhone 4

Gizmodo finds the iPhone 4

The iPad can suck my wiener.  I hoped a new iphone was coming out, and this looks like the proof.  This knowledge outweighs any interest I have in joining the uberdouche iPad brigade (Seriously. If I see you with an iPad, I will probably hate you — well, maybe after I steal and play with your iPad for 20 minutes).  Forward camera?  The new iPhone 4.0 OS?  Micro-SIM?  A better rear camera with flash?  Higher resolution screen?  Yup, sign me up.  Is this a publicity stunt?  Will the guy mentioned in the article get ousted at work for the rest of time because he was an idiot who left the phone in a bar?

UPDATE: Gray Powell. That’s the dude that supposedly left the iphone 4 at the bar.  Poor guy just got outed all over the friggin internet.  He’s the new “George W. Bush” as far as fails are concerned.  You can read more of the article over at Gizmodo again, because they seem to be the ones that are posting all the juice.  I am now predicting major publicity stunt – a very successfully played publicity stunt.  I do see this as being a very similar clone to the new iPhone at the very least.  Hell, Apple surely couldn’t take a step BACKWARDS from this!

UPDATE 2.0: Apple has asked for their phone back.

Read the article and feel free to rag on my for succumbing to corporate marketing mumbo-jumbo, much like the iPad-ers.  [GIZMODO]

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6 Comments for this entry

  • aaroNiGHTS

    None of those features are anything new or revolutionary, yet you’re jizzing yourself like a 14 year old with a Playboy.

    And I though Ethan was the smart one! Enjoy your terrible AT&T service.

  • Ethan Newberry

    I’ve used droids, blackberries, etc etc. Been through almost as many phones as the number of poles you’ve smoked.

    What I like about the iPhone is it’s vast array of apps (the argument there are too many fart apps is ridiculous. There aren’t ENOUGH fart apps), ease of use, quality and customer service. Hell, even jailbreaking an iphone only further’s it’s radness. Can you record an 8 track song with an external microphone, layer additional effects then edit it into a movie and upload to YouTube on your phone? Just checking.

    Take your verizon piece of trash flip phone and shove it where you put your strings of beads. Oh and AT&T is definitely crap. this post isn’t about AT&T.

  • aaroNiGHTS

    You’re mean, I don’t like you anymore :(

  • Ethan Newberry

    “And I though Ethan was the smart one! Enjoy your terrible AT&T service.”

    You’re mean :(

    I am damn curious about this being all publicity though…Gizmodo is getting some flack for posting the recent blog about Gray Powell…

  • aaroNiGHTS

    Just back on topic: What would an Android phone have to be for you to switch? You have got to admire the open nature of it. Is it just a matter of apps?

    I really can’t stand the idea of having such a locked-up device. AT&T is the iPhone, and that is a deal breaker for me.

    Right now I’m using a brandless clone phone, mainly because I need dual SIM (WCDMA+GSM) capability.

    And don’t worry Ethan, I never did like you that much… I’m just using you to get to Lindsay!

  • Ethan Newberry

    For me to switch to an Android phone, the phone hardware would have to do something revolutionary. Not that phone video chatting is revolutionary, but it’s been my one hot point for quite sometime. And there’s definitely something about the build quality of iPhones that I dig in addition to their pretty solid warranty.

    As an OS, I love that android is open and agree iPhone being locked up is no good. Though I DO value their desire to keep a certain level of quality amongst their apps (not necessarily the ideas behind them – fart – but the UI, S&P, and Dev Kit). I like that at this point, if you want to keep the phone locked, you can, and if you want to jailbreak it, you can (at your own risk).

    Also, as a hardware device, the iPhone talks well with my Macbook Pro, syncs calendars, contacts, etc.

    Windows Mobile 7 looks gorgeous as a UI, but lacks in significant features. Android is only as strong as it’s community and to me that’s both it’s strength and it’s flaw. iPhone OS 4 is created by and content supported by Apple, in addition to community creativity.