The Real Cool Club – Halloween Episode

by on Oct.28, 2009, under blog, improv, the real cool club

The Real Cool Club - Halloween Spooktacular

The Real Cool Club - Halloween Spooktacular

Here it is! Our wonderful The Real Cool Club Halloween Spooktacular episode.  We had an absolute BLAST putting it together and performing for you and dawning the amazing make-up by the talented, Lindsay Ashley.  Some highlights:  Zombie Billy Mays, Harley Quinn (Arkham Asylum version), Balloon Boy gets reamed, we talk Hulu & Netflix, debut our Paranormal Activity spoof, we act out your favorite ghost stories and Halloween scenes, and finally end with a fully choreographed dance number with the help of the crew from!

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  • Michael Sanchez

    Hey Ethan,

    Good job with the Halloween Spooktacular. I enjoyed it very much! Lindsay Ashley did a wonderful job with the makeups. Your Zombie makeup was both creepy and funny. Lindsay looked cute as HELL!

    “Normal Activity”, what can I say about “Normal Activity” other than, MY EYES! MY EYES! OH SWEET MERCIFUL GOD PLEASE MAKE ETHAN PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!!

    The surprises at the end of the show were a lot of fun. I really did not expect Mr Incredible to show up and do improv! Finishing with a dance number was a good choice.

    I give The Real Cool Club Halloween Spooktacular an A+!

  • JT

    OMG effing amazing!

  • Ethan Newberry

    thank you both! We had tons of fun making it!